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Enjoy a forbidden journey into the mysterious world of roadside motels. Photographer Mike Van Cleven, aka Voncleef, captured individual moments, bodies, and light in a timeless photo series. At a time when we have to limit our movements and contacts, this book offers an excellent escape from reality. Get lost in your own story in this 'dear Motel' series. 


 A coffee table book that takes you on a visual road trip.


"Motels offer guests crossings and directions. Literally and metaphorically, for people with a fighting spirit, with balls. Like women who hunt for their dream. They became my main characters in the photographs of Dear Motel, a series in honor of eternal life on the road. We are all unsure of our destination or destiny. But we know that the right turns and exits require resilience, persistence, and creativity.

Dear Motel lets you wonder. It unfolds the stories that want to be told. It takes you to mysterious places where surprising tales slumber. From a slightly hidden perspective, for a peek into someone else’s day far, far away. Your eyes see a moment frozen in time. Your mind hits the road and imagines a story.

My models are their own directors, only limited by their boundaries. I offer them space and time to search and feel. I only frame the scene, from a distance, with trust and experience. The moment, the light, the extras are natural, unforced." 

Escape from your ordinary day-to-day routine and get lost in his cinematic imagery, in your own thoughts and dreams. In what could be.


Hardcover, linen
176 pages
+100 photographs
ISBN 9789077207888
First edition

24,5 x 28,7 x 1,6cm
Published in collaboration with renowned publisher Stockmans Art Books.


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      Customer Reviews

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      Cas van de Pol
      Every home needs this book

      Fantastic photography with amazing models at great locations. Every home needs this book!

      Marcel van der Weert

      Nice !

      Tomas Maß

      DEAR MOTEL - blue edition

      Christian Kampmann

      "Dear Motel" is a captivating coffeetable book that captures the beauty and intimacy of photography taken in various motel settings. Mike presents a collection of photographs that tell their own unique stories, showcasing the distinctive atmosphere of these places.

      Mike demonstrates a remarkable sense of composition and lighting. The images exude intimacy and vulnerability while capturing an aesthetic of transience and mystery. The models are portrayed with respect and artistry, inviting viewers into a world that is usually kept hidden.

      The coffeetable book also includes brief accompanying texts in which Mike shares thought processes and circumstances that inspired the creation of these images. This adds a personal touch to the book and allows readers to gain insight into the photographer's creative vision.

      Overall, "Dear Motel" by Mike van Cleven is a remarkable coffeetable book that offers a fascinating perspective on the ever fleeting dynamics in motel settings. It successfully combines artistic portrayal with personal reflection, appealing to both photography enthusiasts and admirers of the arts.

      The technical quality of the print and the book itself is outstanding. The well-toned colours and fine details are beautifully rendered, showcasing the meticulous printing process. The high-quality paper and sturdy binding ensure the durability of the book, while the thoughtful layout and sequencing create a cohesive narrative. The use of whitespace and matte paper enhances the visual experience, making it stand out from other productions. The book's construction, including protective pages and seamless page-turning, reflects a commitment to excellence. Overall, the technical craftsmanship elevates the book's value, making it a visually stunning and enduring piece of art.

      Thank you, Mike!

      Pieter Canniere
      Dear Motel: Best way for a quick roadtrip!

      Having worked with Mike for several creative projects, it's still great to see how his style keeps amazing me and others. From the moment you open the book, it takes you to another place and makes you wonder immediately. It's the best way to take a little trip, any time of day. A must have, wherever you are.