DEAR MOTEL, the book

A coffee table book that takes you on a visual road trip.

184 pages
Published by Stockmans Uitgeverijen


Enjoy a forbidden journey into the mysterious world of roadside motels. Photographer Mike Van Cleven, aka Voncleef, captured individual moments, bodies and light in a timeless series of photos. At a time when we have to limit our movements and contacts, this book offers an excellent escape from reality. Get lost in your own story that takes shape within this 'dear Motel' series. 


Mike Van Cleven (1976) unfolds the story that wants to be told. He takes you to intriguing settings where surprising tales slumber. 

His models are their own director, only limited by their own boundaries. To his main characters, he offers space and time, to search and feel. He only frames the moment, from a distance, with trust and experience. Call it voyeurism, allowed by the protagonist.

The Belgian photographer Mike Van Cleven signs his personal work with Voncleef. Working for more than 20 years for international brands, he developed his own craftsmanship and cinematic style. For images that demand time, from their creator and spectator. It reflects his personal stance, unrestricted by society’s or clients’ expectations.

Spending and wasting a lot of time in roadside motels for commissioned assignments, he started to photograph the scenery where he ended up. “To keep up with where I was, to capture these amazing but mysterious places. I found that I was living a story, one I felt compelled to tell visually, without words.”

Escape from your ordinary day-to-day routine, and get lost in his cinematic imagery, in your own thoughts and dreams. In what could be.


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