A SALTON NIGHT (limited)


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"A Salton night", Salton Sea, CA - 2016


Salton Sea. A mesmerising place in south California that was created in 1905 when spring flooding on the Colorado River breached a canal. An attempt to turn this desert into lush farmlands dramatically failed.

Years ago, when I first visited the area, most of it was abandoned and in decay. Motels were boarded up, and yacht clubs were in ruins full of graffiti.

On my last visit, people had returned, farmlands were being re-built and refurbishment projects had started on once boarded-up buildings.

But. It might never return to its full glory that it enjoyed in the 50'ies and 60'ies and remain an ecological disaster area. Some say that the area will be near to ‘unlivable’ in the next few years due to the high-level of air and water pollution. The Salton Sea contains incredible amounts of contaminants and toxic chemicals such as chromium, zinc, lead, and pesticides like DDT. 

This edition is limited to 9, signed, numbered, and authenticated prints.

Limited edition of 9 + 2AP
Numbered and issued with a certificate of authenticity

Printed on FineArt Baryta high-gloss finish 325 gr.
Mounted on 3mm/4mm DIASEC to high exhibition standards with an aluminum mounting profile, and finished with a black wooden frame.

The listed sizes are for approximate guidance only. Please contact us if you require a precise measurement or want to enquire about alternative sizes. Alternative sizes are only available upon request.

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      A limited edition print is limited, forever, to the total number detailed in the original edition. If your print is number 5 of 15 then that means, the 5th numbered print in a total edition of 15.

      The photographer may hold additional prints:

      • Artists Proofs (APs) numbering up to a maximum of 10% of the edition.
      • Printer's Proofs (PPs) which are usually kept by the printer.
      • Hors Commerce prints (HCs) which are used by the publisher for promotional purposes.

      Artist's proofs are not included in the count of a limited edition, and they belong to the artist. The artist is not supposed to sell these AP's.

      Sometimes limited editions are published in distinctly different sizes. 



      An artist's proof is used to describe an impression of the finished work that is identical to the numbered copies. For the printer and artist to check the printing quality of the finished image, the printer is allowed to keep a printer's proof.



      All limited-edition prints come with a registered proof of authenticity. The work is registered in an online database and proofed with a numbered hologram on the back of the print. The same unique numbered hologram is also added to the signed proof of authenticity.